Meet the Players in the New Advertising Food Chain


– Paid Search

– Search engine optimization (SEO)

– Google search formula

– Purchase funnel/consumer decision journey              

– Google search formula



Search engine optimization is a concept where companies focus at designing their advertisement in such a way where the many people searching for any product or service related to the company would at least follow the company’s link. Google ranks companies in their search list according to the prominence of the company as determined by Google.

A short summary of the Article:

Marketers are in a frenzy excitement about the search engine advertisement. The traditional advertisement designs were complex and not as effective as the current search engine advertisement. In the past, advertisements were designed based on consumer decision journey, which complicated the process of advertisement, as firms would have to design adverts according to the perceived design of the consumers. Today, the search marketers are using the search engine advertisement to reach a huge number of consumers. Today, marketers strive to connect Google searches with products that reflect more on the search terms. The search engine advertisements are of two major kinds: the search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search.

Through the search engine optimization, marketers always attempt to have their position in the Google search list on the top. Google uses a formula to determine which companies rank top in connection to specific search terms, the higher the rank, the better for the companies.

For the paid search, companies have a better opportunity though not always guaranteed to have their listing in Google search at better position. The process involves auction of bids for certain search terms by different companies. The company determines the bid winners through some complex process that includes the company’s reputation, relevance of the product and bid price. Google determines how it gets payment from the bid winning company.

A brief reflection:

“Google’s signal contribution to search engines was to define a site with a high reputation as one that has many other sites linking to it” (Turow, 2011 pp.66)

Technology has indeed changed the world mostly for the better; search engine advertisement has in essence been very convenient to consumers who are equally living in a world of such busy and tight schedule. Moreover, internet access all over the world has essentially increased especially with the mobile phone technology, which has increased connectivity. As a result, consumers have resorted to looking up for products and services over the internet. Many companies have tapped into the internet craze. Today if one wants to buy a camera for example, he/she only needs to Google certain words and Google will automatically bring search results depending on the relevant company. For example, if one wants to buy a camera, he/she only needs to type certain words such as “best cameras”. Google will automatically bring search results of related company lists. For this example, “best cameras”, Canon is the company whose name appears on the top most search results, followed by Amazon. This way, a consumer can choose to navigate through the different companies and determine which one is suitable according to his/her desires. It gets even better in cases where the company such as Amazon accepts online payment and delivery to the customers location. The method has been very effective yet there seem to be a lot that can be added to make it even more profitable, based on the possible improvement strategy.

A question for classroom discussion:

What can be done to ensure that companies all have equal opportunity for listing under the search engine optimization?




Turow, J. (2011). Chapter 3: A New Advertising Food Chain. The Daily You: How the New Advertising Industry is Defining Your Identity and Your Worth. Pp. 65-88.



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